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The tutor’s place is your local tutoring service provider.  Our services range from assisting academic level k through graduate school.  Our tutor’s are private consultants who have been carefully selected through an intense interviewing process to ensure that they are qualified to educate in their respective subjects. 


All K to 12 tutors have been screened with references and background checks.  They have the experience and skills needed to help develop a strong basis for your child. Most of these tutors are teachers or pursuing a degree in education.


We promote a new method of tutoring for college/University students.  Tutor’s place hires juniors and seniors in your local schools to tutor in very specific subjects.  This makes it easier for any student to meet and schedule tutoring sessions on campus.


A study program has been carefully developed by our experts in Test preparation.  All students willing to improve their score will go through an evaluation phase.  This will help determine their current level and on the same token, determine the number of sessions needed to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the test score.


Overall, the tutor’s place provides a wide range of subjects and test preparation materials geared towards achieving the student and tutor’s goal.


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