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The Tutor’s place has been setup to provide a fit environment for tutors. Our website is geared to help with session scheduling, session tracking and matching the right students with the right tutors.   As a tutor you will be a member in a network of individuals who share the same interest in helping to improve the education level of our communities.  You could improve your tutoring skills being exposed to the wide variety of experienced tutors available in our network.

All Tutors are hired as an independent contractor after successfully going through our screening process.  This process includes, going through a background check, submitting a resume with references that guarantees that you are qualified to tutor a specific subject.


We welcome serious and reliable college/University students with good grades to join our network.  It provides the opportunity to help your fellow students while earning a decent pay per session on campus.  We have an organized system that will guide you through the process of getting organized as tutor to help you focus on the tutoring itself.   


We require all tutors to be committed to our network for one school year.  This will allow us to guarantee all students a complete and reliable coverage during school.   

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